Arrested For Driving Under The Influence? How To Handle Bail Issues

4 February 2022
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Seeing those red and blue lights in the rearview mirror is never a pleasant sight. If you have had a few drinks, though, things can be far more serious than just a traffic infraction. Driving under the influence (DUI) charges may follow, so read on to learn what you can expect.

Testing at the Roadside 

After being pulled over, law enforcement officers are on the alert for signs of impairment. They may observe slurred speech, nervousness, an odor of alcohol, and more. Any indication of impairment will give them probable cause to conduct field sobriety testing. These tests may consist of a one-legged stand, a walk and turn, and following a light with your eyes only. Officers are looking for balance problems, not following directions, and more.

Biological Testing

Beyond the field sobriety tests above, you may also be asked to blow into a portable breathalyzer that measures expelled substances through your breath. You may also experience further testing at the police station such as urine tests, blood tests, and a more sensitive breathalyzer test.

Arrested and Booked

At the station, you will be questioned about your name, address, and more. Your booking photo (mugshot) is taken, and you must change into jail clothes. Inmates are usually searched (full cavity search) and then taken to a holding cell.

When is Bail Offered?

DUI charges that involve first-time offenders and had no aggravating circumstance may be offered bail.

Aggravating circumstances include accidents, injuries to others, having a minor with you, and more. Bail may be offered during a bail hearing or at an arraignment. Usually, DUI offenders are offered bail as soon as the next day or when they are judged sober enough to be released.

How to Deal with Bail

Bail can cost thousands of dollars and is not affordable for many. However, defendants that remain behind bars must often wait months for their trials to begin. Jails can be dangerous and are no place to plan a good defense. No one should have to wait in jail, and you won't if you use a bail bonding service.

Bail bonding agencies are usually located near the jail or courthouse and offer bail at a more affordable cost than the courts may offer. Bail bonds cost less because the bonding agents work with the jail to guarantee the full cost should something happen. In return, you must return for future court dates and obey all bail rules.

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