From Preapproval To Approval With The Mortgage Loan Process

25 October 2021
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When you need to get a mortgage loan to purchase a home, you must go through a series of steps before you can get the approval to close on the home purchase. The process begins with getting a preapproval from a mortgage lender, which you can do through a mortgage broker. That is not the last step, though. You must go through additional steps after that before you can get the approval to close. Here are some of the top things to know about the steps required during this time.

Work with a Broker on the Preapproval

The first step is getting a preapproval from a lender, and you can do this by working with a mortgage broker. Getting preapproved requires the same steps as approval, and it begins with an application. When you apply, the broker will ask you to complete some forms and turn in some documents. The broker needs to know some details about your financial situation and job. They need to know how much money you earn and how much you can use for the down payment. The broker also checks your credit.

Choose a House to Buy

If the broker finds you preapproved for a loan, you can begin the fun part of the process. The fun part is shopping for a house to buy. You might want to spend a few weeks or months doing this, or you might do it in a day. You can look at just one house or many, but you should make sure you find one that offers what you need and fits your budget.

Begin Working on the Approval

When you and the seller reach an agreement for the house, you can once again work with your broker to move from the preapproval state to the approval state. You might have to supply some more documents at this time to your broker. You will also need to wait for the appraisal and the inspections to go through. Once the lender has everything they need, they will evaluate all the information. They will also run your credit. If everything checks out, they will approve your loan.

Are you ready to purchase a new house? You may want to talk to a mortgage broker for help with your loan. Brokers can help just about anyone find a loan that works for them. Contact one today to learn more about the process.