What Factors Affect The Cost Of Bail After An Arrest?

9 June 2020
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Anytime a person gets arrested, they will remain in jail until the court releases them or until they pay their bail. Bail is money you pay to receive a pre-trial release, and the amount might be small or large. If you are curious to learn how courts set bail costs, you should start by understanding the primary factors a court uses to set the bail price in a criminal case. Here are the top factors that courts use when setting this amount for a defendant.

The Charges the Person Faces

A significant factor that affects the bail price is the charges a person faces. A person facing a DUI charge will likely have a lower bail price than a person facing a murder charge. The severity of the charges plays a significant role in the bail cost.

The Evidence Available for the Crime

The court may also factor in the evidence before setting the bail cost. For example, if the evidence strongly proves the person committed the crime, they may set a higher bail. If there is not a lot of evidence to prove the defendant's guilt, they may set a lower bail amount.

The Person's Criminal Record

The court also looks at the person's criminal record before setting bail. Courts consider people with multiple offenses to be repeat offenders. A person with no criminal record is not a repeat offender. Repeat offenders typically pay higher bail prices to get out of jail, as the court considers them higher-risks.

The Flight Risk

If the court suspects that the person will flee town after being released, the court considers the person a flight risk. Paying bail does not get you off the hook for the charges you face. It just gives you the chance to get out of jail before settling your case. If the court thinks you will not follow through with your court hearings, they may set a higher bail for your case.

The Person's Risk to Community Safety

The last factor that matters is a person's risk to the community. People who commit minor offenses may pose small risks to community safety, while people who commit major offenses might pose large risks to the community. Therefore, the court will factor this in, too.

Now that you understand these factors, you can learn how courts set bail. If you need help paying your bail, contact a bail bond agent, like Affordable Bail Bonds, for fast and easy assistance.