How Much Will Bail Cost?

11 March 2020
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No one wants to get that dreaded phone call in the middle of the night—the one where a loved one says they've been arrested and would like to be bailed out. If you do get this call, however, you may be wondering how much it will cost to bail the person out. While that depends on the bail bondsman you go to, typically, you will need to pay around 10% of the full bail amount.

You may be wondering what determines that total bail amount. Well, a lot of factors go into it. If you're considering bailing someone out, here are some factors that determine the total amount. 

Standard Bail Amounts

Most of the time, a judge will set the bail amount at the standard amount for the crime that the individual has been charged with. Generally, this is broken down by types of crimes. Petty misdemeanors, for example, tend to have lower standard bail amounts than more serious misdemeanors or felonies.

However, no law says a judge always has to charge the standard bail amount for the crime allegedly committed. Instead, the judge can and may lower or raise the bail amount based on various additional factors, and when that happens, it will affect the price you are asked to pay to bail the person out.

Severity Of The Crime

Judges also typically consider the severity of the crime and the circumstances surrounding it when they set bail. If, for example, the offender committed shoplifting but was very violent or aggressive during or after the act, that person might face a higher bail amount than another shoplifter.

This is especially likely in cases where a crime was very violent or involved a minor. Generally, the worse the crime and the worse the report made by the arresting officer, the greater the chances of a higher than average bail amount.

Past Criminal History

Consider the person who is asking you to bail them out. Have they ever been in legal trouble before? If not, there's a good chance they may get a lower than average bail. If they've been in and out of jail constantly, however, especially for the same crime or if they've missed court dates in the past after being released on bail, you can expect the bail amount to be quite high.

These are just a few of many factors that could potentially influence bail. So, before you balk at how much a person's bail is, consider all the factors that went into it, and also consider these factors as you decide whether or not you wish to bail out your loved one. For more information, contact a bail bonds service.