3 Tips For Selling Your Emeralds To A Pawn Shop

3 February 2020
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When an emergency situation comes up, you may find yourself in need of some cash in a hurry. Pawn shops have been helping people access cash quickly for many years. Jewelry items are among the most popular items taken to a pawn shop.

If you have some emeralds lying around in your jewelry box, you have a valuable item that could be worth quite a bit at local pawn shops. Here are some simple ways that you can maximize your profit when selling emeralds to a pawn shop.

1. Clean the Stone

People are attracted to jewelry pieces because of the sparkle gemstones possess. A dirty or dingy emerald will not be as attractive as one that is clean and sparkling.

Take a soft microfiber cloth to the gem before you take it to the pawn shop for appraisal. Lukewarm water and a mild soap can also be used to scrub away any dirt from the surface of the emerald.

Your cleaned emerald will display its full brilliance, which will help you maximize its value.

2. Bring an Independent Appraisal

You will be negotiating the price with a pawnbroker when you sell something of value to a pawn shop. These individuals are knowledgeable when it comes to the characteristics that define a quality precious stone, and you should be familiar with the value of your emerald so that you can negotiate effectively.

Many retail jewelry stores offer affordable appraisals without an appointment. A jewelry expert can evaluate the cut, clarity, and carat weight of your stone to help determine its value. Knowing what your gem is worth on the open market can help you negotiate a competitive price with a pawnbroker.

3. Know the Gem's Origin

If you are unable to obtain an independent appraisal, you should at least be familiar with the origin of your emerald before you attempt to sell the stone to a pawn shop.

Some emeralds are mined directly from the Earth, while others are created in a laboratory setting. Natural emeralds are more rare, which means they hold more value. You will have a more realistic idea of what you can get for the stone at a pawn shop when you know whether the emerald is natural or lab-created.

Emeralds have remained valuable gemstones throughout the years. This means that you can use your emerald jewelry as collateral the next time you need to secure a loan from a pawn shop.