One Method To Try If You Need To Get Out Of Jail If You Are Broke

30 January 2020
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If you are sitting in jail trying to find a way to get out, you might feel like there are no options if you are currently broke. After all, without cash, how could you pay your bail? Well, there are two other options you could turn to—and the first one is called being released on your own recognizance (ROR). Have you heard of this term? If not, here are some things to know about it.

What Is ROR?

ROR is a legal term that gives a person the right to get out of jail without paying any bail money. It basically allows a person freedom in exchange for the person's word. The person arrested would have to ask the court to approve this, and the judge will be the person to decide the answer. If approved, the jail would release the person even though he or she is not paying bail. A person released through ROR would need to follow all court orders to avoid going back to jail. For example, if the court approves this and you skip your first court hearing, you should expect to go back to jail, and you should expect to have to stay there for a while, as the court will not approve an ROR again for you.

How Do Courts Decide Whether to Approve It or Not?

A court does not simply approve any and every ROR request they receive. Instead, the court takes the request seriously and reviews the person's criminal history and potential flight risk. A court would be more likely to approve an ROR request for a person with a clear criminal history and for a person who is a responsible person. They may not approve this request if you have pending charges for other crimes or if you have a history of breaking the law.

What Can You Do If the Court Denies Your Request?

When the judge determines that this is not a good option, he or she may deny your request. The only other options you have are to pay the cash bail on your own or borrow the money from a bail bond agency.

If you are trying to find a way out of jail after the judge denied your request for ROR, talk to a bail bondsman. This is a great solution for the situation you are in, and you can work out a plan right over the phone. Click here for info about this.