Cash Bail Vs. Bail Bond: What Is The Difference?

29 January 2020
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The bail process is something many people do not understand until after they go through it with a loved one or themselves, and one part of this process that confuses people is understanding the difference between a cash bail and a bail bond. Do you know what the difference is? If you are trying to help someone get out of jail, it might be a good idea to learn about these two options, as you will likely have to use one or the other to complete the bail process.

The Definition of a Cash Bail and How It Works

A cash bail is a common option people use after an arrest when the bail amount is low and they have cash to use. With a cash bail, the person in jail pays the bail amount in full with cash on hand. This person might have the money in the bank to use or may borrow it from a relative or friend. In any case, with a cash bail, you do not have to use a third-party to get out of jail, and you do not have to take a loan. You would receive the cash bail back that you paid as long as you do what you are told to do with the case. Typically, this simply means going to your court hearings and avoiding all further legal troubles during this time.

The Definition of a Bail Bond and How It Works

The other option is called a bail bond, and this is the option people use when their bail is too high and they do not have cash to cover it. With this option, a person would need a third-party for help, and this third-party is called a bail bond agent. The person in jail must pay a fee to this agent, and the agent then handles paying the bail for the person. The person who got out of jail would not get the fee back that he or she paid for this service, but the bail bond agent would receive the bail money back if the person followed through with the court's orders.

Do you now see the difference between these two options for bailing a person out of jail? If so, you can decide which option to use. If you want to use a bail bond, you will need to call a local bail bondsman for help.